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A Piece of Yesterday album
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A Piece Of Yesterday - Official video

A Piece Of Yesterday - Single teaser

It's Not About Now - short video clip

"The Boiling Stories Of A Smoking Kettle"

Dear You - official video

Dear You - [Official Trailer 2020]

Dear You - Behind The Scenes

À Vaulx Jazz, Vaulx-en-Velin, France

Jazz A La Calle
Mercedes, Uruguay

Jazz A La Calle, Mercedes, Uruguay
Janvier 2018

Last Flight Over Horizon

Obradovic - Tixier Duo à Lviv, Ukraine

Behind The Scenes
Berne (CH) - Riga (Lettonie)

Séance d'enregistrement décembre 2016
Only This And Nothing More

Obradovic - Tixier Duo - Live at L'Abri
Genève, Suisse