Awards 2018

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Charity Action

Jazz À Vienne Competition

Obradovic - Tixier Duo - Live 2018


Borovo d.d. - partners

David Tixier Trio feat. Mike Moreno

"Universal Citizen" release tour

Lada Obradovic Project 2018

David Tixier Trio 2018

February East Europe Tour 2018

Obradovic-Tixier Duo - Philippines Tour

March 2018

Obradovic - Tixier Duo - Jazz A La Calle

Mercedes, Uruguay, January 2018

Recording Session, Winterthur 2017

Hard Studios, Radio and Television Swiss Production

Recording Session @ Bunker Studio NYC

David Tixier Trio feat. Mike Moreno and Sachal Vasandani

Obradovic - Tixier Duo - Live 2017

Lada Obradovic Project 2017

David Tixier Trio - Europe Tour 2017

Europe Tour 2017

TRX Cymbals Endorsement

Obradovic - Tixier Duo - Recording Session

December 2016

Obradovic - Tixier Duo - Live 2016

Obradovic - Tixier Duo

Lada Obradovic Project 2016

"Lada" drums

Endorsement with "Bay Custom Drums"

TRX Cymbals

Endorsement trip to Istanbul, Turkey

David Tixier Trio

Concerts October 2016

Lada Obradovic Project

Photos by Jennifer Scherler

David Tixier Trio

Summer Tour 2016

David Tixier Trio

Live At RTS, Lausanne, Switzerland

Photos by Jennifer Scherler

March 2016

Lada Obradovic Project - Recording Session HKB Bern

February 2016

Video Recording session with Safran Films

HKB Bern, November 2015


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