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A Piece of Yesterday album
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Obradovic - Tixier Duo

TAMA video clip
"B for Angel"

"12:19" Live at RTS

A Piece Of Yesterday - Official video

A Piece Of Yesterday - Single teaser

It's Not About Now - short video clip

"The Boiling Stories Of A Smoking Kettle"

Dear You - official video

Dear You - [Official Trailer 2020]

Dear You - Behind The Scenes

À Vaulx Jazz, Vaulx-en-Velin, France

Jazz A La Calle
Mercedes, Uruguay

Jazz A La Calle, Mercedes, Uruguay
January 2018

Last Flight Over Horizon

Obradovic - Tixier Duo in Lviv, Ukraine

Behind The Scenes
Bern (CH) - Riga (Latvia)

Recording Session December 2016
Only This And Nothing More

Obradovic - Tixier Duo - Live at L'Abri
Geneva, Switzerland

Lada Obradovic Project

Lada Obradovic Project

Lada Obradovic Project
The Portrait Of A Pregnant Bumblebee

Recording Session February 2016 - Kids Of Glue

Behind The Scenes

David Tixier Trio

"Because I Care"

Official Teaser 2021
Album "Because I Care"

David Tixier Trio - "Because I Care"
Official Teaser

Universal Citizen
David Tixier Trio feat. Mike Moreno & Sachal Vasandani

David Tixier Trio Live At RTS
Lausanne, Switzerland

David Tixier Trio Live At RTS

The Eddy (Netflix)

"The Eddy" Netflix, official trailer

"The Eddy" Netflix, trailer

"The Eddy" Netflix
Behind The Scenes


Say•Я "Shelter At Your Reach"

Various videos

France Musique

TRX Cymbals Endorsement
Istanbul, Turkey

Channel Your Art - HKB clip