Lada Obradovic project - Behind The Scenes

“Music of the project is surprising, switching smartly in between soft, calm moods, and dissonant sound environments, the compositions focus on carefully structured grooves, underlined with strong ostinato patterns embelished by singable melodies radiating simplicity, being at the same time framed in complex structures.”

“Besides the energy, excitement, intricate and surprises, from the music emerges the clearity of pure, undeniable emotion as a guideline and a rich well of all other newborn arised musical ideas.“

“Rhythmically rich and captivating; the quintet is a multiplicity of rhythm layers which become unified thanks to the precision and knowledge of the composer.”

“Music is a painting of life, a vision of the world, a scream transcending sounds of the universe.”

“Project is full of sensibility and creativity, using legacy of jazz, and actual outgoing music, to create itself a special, modern sound.”


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