Obradovic-Tixier Duo Live At L'Abri

The compositions performed by duo are linked with a surprising agility. Lada is an artist with an outstanding musicality and that drumming is for me as a piano made out of skins that she touches. Her subtle touch made out of numerous of variations and dynamics, sometimes rather barely hearable, sometimes rather built with an amplitude, switches from one rhythmical superposition to other. Her polyrhythmical compositions create a space and ambience to let the piano sing.

David, createful pianist plays simultaneously two keyboards, one is acoustic, the other one electronic, in order to color the shades of his compositions, which is achieved by his dancing right hand on the synthesiser and electronic sounds which serve as an echo of the natural piano sounds.

This duo filled with a strong personality, rhythmically perfect, is drawn from deeply personal compositions. On 18th of December, they will be recording in studio in Bern, in order to make a new video clip, we are looking forward to discover.

François Passard, director of L’Abri.  (8.2.2017)

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