"StartAs You Are" - Charity Fund Raiser

I am thrilled to announce the realization of my new project “StartAs You Are”.

The new charity action that I was creating for two years now, got its shape with two goals, four countries involved, and many people unified together in order to achieve them. The Croatian shoe company “Borovo” accepted the demand to produce my personally designed shoes and make those beautiful Startas that you can purchase from now on and help the action. The action is supported by the large-hearted foundation Terrévent without whom this project would never even started. In collaboration with Terrévent, we found two goals that the charity covers - 50% of the earnings go to the institution for disabled people in Colmar, France, “Institut Saint Joseph, Association Adèle de Glaubitz”, and another 50% of earnings go to the “Tago Jazz Cafe”, jazz club in Manilla, Philippines, place with almost nothing material, that gives the music world so much. I am so happy that we can offer you to be a part of it and with a small gesture, help the people that need it the most.

Startas shoes are produced in limited edition and you can find them in sizes EU 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 and 40. You can purchase them on below shown web site or by sending the direct email on the email address:

On the mentioned web site you will find all the information about the purchase details and delivery costs depending from which country or zone you are ordering them. In case of any extra explanation or help needed please write us on the given email address.

Web site - offered by the project partners “Obradovic-Tixier Duo”:

Without a delivery demands shoes will be sold in Sisak and Zagreb, Croatia, in Colmar, France, and in diverse countries after every concert of “Obradovic-Tixier Duo” that you can follow here: 

Shoes design is made by Katarina Matkovic, Marina Mijatovic and Tihana Hrastar.

More information about the Institut Saint Joseph and Adèle de Glaubitz association

More information about the Tago Jazz Cafe.

Huge thanks to Terrévent Foundation, for believing in the project, supporting it and dreaming big. Thanks to the people who manually manufactured each of those shoes. Thanks to David Tixier who is helping by managing the project for his ideas, patience and time. Thank you all who support the action by sharing this post and spreading the word about it.

“Buy a pair of “StartAs You Are” shoes…

    …and help disabled people in Colmar, France…

            …as well as the Tago Jazz Cafe, in Manilla, Philippines ...

                              ... receive them at Home ... 

                                       …while sending more love to the World!” 

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