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Obradovic - Tixier Duo

"Obradović-Tixier Duo is the combination of French pianist David Tixier and Croatian drummer Lada Obradovic. The duo produce a contemporary and stylish sound blending acoustic and electronic instruments, moog, Fender Rhodes, glockenspiel, mbira and other playthings. A soft yet striking performance where David's sophisticated harmonies and lyrical drama interweave with Lada's polyrhythms. An almost serial shamanic piano phrase is muffled by digital blankets whilst a volley of cymbals whisks us away like wings beating through the air. Together, the pair weave a captivating tale."

David Tixier - piano, keyboards, DSP, compositions
Lada Obradovic - drums, voice, toys, glockenspiel, compositions

Jazz À Vienne 2018, FR - 1st Prize 
Jazz Au Phare 2018, FR - 1st Prize 
Colmar Jazz Festival 2018, FR - 1st Prize 
HLAG, USA 2018 - Weekly Winner 
HLAG, USA 2018 - 2nd Prize
Made In New York Competition 2018 - Best Band Prize
La Défense Jazz Festival National Contest 2019, FR - 1st Prize
La Défense Jazz Festival National Contest 2019, FR - Soloist Prize for Lada Obradovic


"An unusual and innovating music, elegant and sensitive, elaborated and interactive. Between light touch and strength, it fascinates and surprises as much as it stimulates."

                                                                             Nicole Videmann (Jazz A Vienne)


"The compositions performed by the duo are linked with a surprising agility. Lada is an artist with an outstanding musicality and as drumming is for me as a piano made out of skins that she touches. Her subtle embrace made out of copious variations and dynamics, times with faint musical deception, built with amplitude, switches from one rhythmical superposition to another. Her polyrhythmical compositions facilitates a space and ambience for the voice of the piano to resonate. David, an architectural pianist plays simultaneously two keyboards, one acoustic, the other electronic. In order to express the layers to illuminate his compositions, which is achieved by his obsequious right hand on the synthesizer while the electronic sounds serve as an echo chamber to the purity of a piano. This duo is filled with enduring personalities, rhythmically precision which allows the composition to bare fruit."

                                                                          François Passard, director of L’Abri

Lada Obradovic Project

Maxime Berton (FR) - tenor/soprano saxophone
Matthias Legner (AUT) - vibraphone/marimba                               
David Tixier (FR) - piano/rhodes                                   
Jeremy Bruyère (FR) - double bass/electric bass
Lada Obradović (CRO) - drums/toys/composition


“I began to collect the pieces of the project long ago. By obtaining traces of separate motifs which appeared as a frame of the same idea, repeating itself again and again over time, I realized that they gave a clear direction to my way of looking at the socio-problematic aspect of our society. After remembering, collecting, and finally writing down all of the small particles that were proclaiming the same messages it became apparent the project had gestated enough and could begin making its roots.


“The music of the project is surprising, alternating smartly between soft, calm moods, and dissonant sound environments. The compositions focus on carefully structured grooves, underlined with strong ostinato patterns embellished by singable melodies radiating simplicity, being at the same time framed in complex structures.”

“Beyond the energy, excitement, intrigue and surprises, from the music emerges the clarity of pure, undeniable emotion as a guideline and a rich source of all other newborn musical ideas.“

“Rhythmically rich and captivating; the quintet is a multiplicity of rhythmic layers which become unified thanks to the precision and knowledge of the composer.”

“The music is a painting of life, a vision of the world, a scream transcending the sounds of the universe.”

“The project is full of sensibility and creativity, using the legacy of jazz and actual outgoing music to create its unique and modern sound.”

David Tixier Trio

David Tixier - Piano
Rafael Jerjen - Double Bass
Lada Obradović - Drums

The three members of the trio from France, Croatia and Switzerland colour and explore the compostions written by David Tixier in a way that highlights the trios diverse cultural background. Unified, energetic and the element of surprise are the key components of this project.



Victoria Mozalevskaya - saxophones, compositions

Song Yi Jeon - vocals

David Tixier - piano

Lada Obradovic - drums

The Eddy (Netflix)

Glen Ballard (USA) - compositins, artistic director

Joanna Kulig (PL) - vocal
Randy Kerber (USA) - piano, compositions, arrangements, artistic director
Ludovic Louis (MQ / FR)- trumpet
Jowee Omicil (CA/ HT) - saxophones
Damian Nueva (CU) - double bass
Lada Obradović (CRO) - drums


Directed by:

Damien Chazelle
Houda Benyamina
Laïla Marrakchi
Alan Poul

Charity Fundraiser

SAY.R is an international non-profit organisation based in France and active worldwide. SAY.R is created by Lada Obradovic, a multi-awarded Croatian jazz drummer and composer. Everything started from the crave of Lada for helping people and living beings around her. Lada, as an artist, musician and actress, always wanted, since the beginning of her career, to use her artist's visibility to make lives easier for those who need it the most.

In 2018 she launches another charity project using her own designed shoes “StartAs You Are” in collaboration with the Swiss foundation Terrévent. A year and a half later, she founded SAY.R, the charity fundraiser that compromises, besides already existing project "StartAs You Are", the new project "Shelter At Your Reach". This new fundraiser is teaming up with selected shelters in Europe in order to help with suppling animal protection and care.

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